We get questions about Mutjutin and the webstorer time to time. Some questions have been asked frequently, so we tried to collect some questions and answeres here! If you don’t find answer for your question, please contact us!

Mutjutin.fi – webstore

The order process is simple. When you are at the product page, pick the color you want and how many you want. If you want to add different colors for your order, first pick one color and add that to your card and after that you can add another color to your cart.

If there is a problem, please contact us by email info (at) mutjutin.fi. We will help you shortly.

Can I edit my order after the purchace?

No. After the payment, you can’t edit your order. If your order has not been shipped yet, you can contact us info(at)mutjutin.fi . If your order is already shipped, we can’t edit your order.

I made an order last night, but the next day it’s not shipped yet. What can I do?

We try to send all the orders at the same day or next day from your order. If you make your order at the friday evening, it will be shipped at monday.

I want to come and pick up my order from the warehouse. Is this possible?

No. We don’t offer an pickup from our warehouse.

I want to order multiple different color. How do I do it?

Watch the video below.

Mutjutin – Questions about the product

What material is used in Mutjutin?

On a Mutjutin Original, the material is polypropen. The same plastic that is used for food related plastic items. On Mutjutin Recycle, the material is recycled plastic and on Mutjutin Eco the material is biocomposite.

Is the user manual included?

On every order the user manual is included. If you order 2pcs you will get 2 manuals.

What size the Mutjutin is?

The size is 8cm x 7cm x 0,4cm.

Does it hurt to use Mutjuin?

It should not hurt, when you use Mutjutin. If you feel pain, please check the user manual. If you feel pain without using that much force, please consult your doctor.

Who is behind the Mutjutin and who invented it?

Mutjutin was first made for the own use. Jarmo Pihlavamäki, the masseur from Finland used it to his own work and got good feedback from his customers. We wanted to share this for all the people and opened the webstore. We made some adjustments for the product and made it better and suitable for all the customers, so you can enjoy it!

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delivery method and delivery time

Letter Delivery time 3-10 workdays

Parcel Delivery time 2-5 workdays

How can I track my order?

When you use parcel as a delivery method, you will get tracking number. On a letter option, there is no tracking.

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